How to create most secure windows computer

How to create most secure windows computer

Virtually 80% of home user’s use Microsoft windows for their day-day-to day computing activity. Most hacker like me is consistently against using home windows as this is not secured for a typical person to work in. Yet another situation is that lots of the people available in the market don’t realize what kind of threats they are facing and so they consider that putting in an antivirus is solution of all issues. So I will instruct you about how to create a Multi-layered safety protection system for your PC. However before beginning let me give you guys some more info about this.


What is security shield ?

For me a safety guard implies that a couple of layers of safety that may broaden the security of a common home windows user on the stage it will have to be. If you use your favorite Linux hacking distro like Kali on digital laptop like most Hackers do, you’re additionally venerable given that the protection of the VM depends on the safety of Host OS which is almost always windows.

Who expect security shield from me to protect ?

I want to preserve everybody from some stupid folks that decision them self a Hacker, however I fact they don’t comprehend How Stuff Works & trust me most of the instances they are very big risk. Any excellent Hacker will easily control to defeat the safety but when that you may’t even shield yourself from a N00B then that’s a quality concern for me.

So you have to setup 7 more layer to protect your computer from viruses, attacker etc.

1.First Layer: Custom Desktop locker

Every body is aware of that they will have to setup a startup password on there pc to stop someone from accessing there computer, but there are a lot of program’s on web that can pass windows Logon reveal. With the intention to guard your self down load a computer locking resolution. These program’s have proved complex to avert. You can used “USB Raptor” or “Eusing Maze Lock” to custom lock.


2. Second layer: Antivirus program

An antivirus acts like the first layer of security in opposition to the threats a original person could face. Some persons don’t favor utilizing antivirus but personally antivirus can also be useful in making your pc relaxed. You don’t need to purchase an steeply-priced one, simply download a free antivirus like AVG or Avast and it is going to be sufficient. Bear in mind to not run two antiviruses at a time considering they will make your pc extra venerable instead of making it extra secure. Once you have mounted it keep it up-to-the-minute & I suggest to set a password on it in order that nobody can mess with it with ease.


3. Third layer: Custom Firewall

A properly configured firewall can defeat a extensive array of threats like far off hacking & backdoor. Unfortunately home windows builtin firewall doesn’t get the job done due to the fact it’s easy to defeat & a affliction to be configured correctly. So you might desire a new firewall. Luckily there are free firewalls available at present which are greater than ample for a average user. I propose utilizing “Comodo Free Firewall” or “Zonealarm Firewall” considering the fact that they are very powerful and effortless to enforce & configure. Don’t forget that just putting in the firewall is not going to help, you should configure it to make it a rough wall towards all threats. Just like the antivirus you will have to also setup a password so that no one can modify the principles you put when you find yourself now not round.


4. Fourth Layer: Anti-keylogger software

Keyloggers are a kind of threats which are commonly neglected. When securing our programs we feel that safeguard against keyloggers will be furnished by using the antivirus and the firewall but the reality is that ninety% possibilities are that keylogger will without difficulty defeat your safeguard. They’re effortless to code and set up in the computer. They cannot simplest log all of your key strokes they are able to additionally hack your webcam, take images of your pc’s reveal etc that’s why they are equally considered as a chance as many other things.
How to create most secure windows computer
There are numerous software’s available as Anti-keyloggers however simply most of them will fail to stop most keyloggers. Nonetheless there’s a free software referred to as “Key Scrambler” which is the pleasant anti-keylogger answer I located. It does not observe whether or not a program is attempting to log keystrokes or no longer, instead it encrypts each key stroke you enter so that if a keylogger manages to log key strokes all he gets is a encrypted letter which is worth nothing so I recommend using it.

5. Fifth Layer: Visualization

Another risk is that you could download a file from the net and it would contain a trojan horse. There is no effortless way to safeguard your self from this chance however there’s a program referred to as “SandBox” which would show worthy. After you have downloaded a file from internet run it in SandBox and then examine if the file motives a suspicious procedure to run. That is little bit problematic for non-experienced users but when you do a little apply you’ll hopefully study how to take action. An extra advantage of doing this is that because the file runs in virtual environment it does now not outcome your laptop.


6.Sixth Layer: Browser Security

To browse the net we use an internet browser and which is totally venerable. I advise that you just must no longer retailer your passwords for your internet Browser as they’re very effortless to be grabbed. Also ensure that you just use SSL if viable. One other just right factor to do is to put in some protection extensions like “HTTPS Everywhere“, “AdBlock” etc for your browser on the way to provide further safeguard.

7. Seventh Layer: Just keep open your Brain

All layers above will also be quite simply avoided in case you are silly. Make sure that you simply hold every thing up to the moment and keep putting in windows patches regularly. Down load software’s from relied on sources and hold an eye fixed for any suspicious undertaking taking place to your computer

I’ve tried to give you some suggestions for bettering the safety of your computer. Should you don’t understand any of the terms acknowledged above that you would be able to google them. Bear in mind that getting hacked via an Elite Hacker is viable but getting hacked by means of a N00B is an insult of your potential & you should implement countermeasures to preclude this from happening.

If you have any query about my suggestions, Please feel free to comments hare.

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