How to spoof your IP address on Kali Linux

In this tutorial I am gonna show how to spoof your IP address on Kali Linux and unblock all restricted website or Server. Some time we need to spoof our IP address for security reason. This layer is Extra protection for your daily uses. After using this service you will be able to spoof your IP address completely by some simple command. I know a website called VPNBOOK and they are provided free VPN service for educational purpose. So only a Virtual Private Network can spoof your IP address.

How to spoof your IP address

Ok Let go VPNBOOK Website website and download the following file in your machine. Create a notepad file on your desktop and Copy and paste VPNBOOK Login credential (i.e: username, password). See the image bellow to established a VPN connection.

How to spoof your ip address

1. “Download Euro1 Server OpenVPN Certificate Bundle” in your Kali Linux and Extract it.

2. Open a terminal and go to VpnBook file’s folder by pressing cd /root/Desktop/vpn (as my usual)

How to spoof ip address in linux

3. Type “openvpn vpnbook-euro1-udp53.ovpn” and hit enter. See the image bellow.How to spoof ip address in linux

4. It’s time to input vpnbook username & password (As per VpnBook Website info).

5. Now sequencing process will be started & at least you have been got successful message. See the image bellow.

How to spoof ip address in linux

If you got any problems to spoof your ip address, please fell free to comments bellow.

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