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what is network

What is Network ?

Α network is simply defined as something that connects things together for a specific purpose. The term network is used in a variety of contexts, including telephone, television, computer, or even people networks. For such an large and involved field, which entails so many special technologies, hardware instruments and protocols, the definition of network is sincerely relatively simple. So a network is conveniently a group of Computer or other hardware gadgets which might be linked together, either physically or logically, utilizing detailed hardware and application, to enable them to alternate expertise and cooperate. Networking is the time period that describes the approaches concerned in designing, enforcing, upgrading, managing and otherwise working with networks and community technologies.

Networks are used for an wonderful array of unique functions. Actually, the definitions of Network are so simple for the specific reason that networks can be used so generally, and can permit one of these huge variety of tasks to be comprehensive. Even as most people learning about networking focal point on the interconnection of PCs and other “actual” computers, you utilize more than a few forms of networks daily. Every time you prefer up a cellphone, use a bank card at a store, get money from an ATM machine, and even plug in an electrical equipment, you are utilizing some kind of community.

So if you think a question exactly what is network means computer Network: A computer network connects two or more devices together to share a nearly limitless range of information and services, including: Documents, Email and messaging, Websites, Databases, Music, Printers and faxes, Telephony and videoconferencing Etc.

Protocols are set of rules
Protocols are set of rules

Protocols are set of rules that govern how devices communicate and share information across a network. Examples of protocols include: Transmission control protocol (TCP), Internet Protocol (IP), Dynamic Host configuration protocol (DHCP), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) etc.

Multiple protocols often work together to facilitate end-to-end network communication, forming protocol suites or stacks. The Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) and Department of Defense (DoD) models are the most widely recognized reference models.

Finally a simple answer for what is network means a little quite:

“A network is a two more hardware or devices connected together, either physically or logically to allow them to exchange information by protocol.”

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